Vegan Take-Out Recipes

I have been a vegan for over two years now and it has been a wonderful journey.  As I mentioned previously, even within the past year my diet has changed dramatically.  I used to have a long list of vegan/vegan friendly restaurants in my car but with my recent diet changes the list has dwindled down to maybe 3-5 restaurants.  My restaurant criterion: vegan or vegan friendly, gluten/soy-free options, organic/local produce, and a nice clean environment. Suffice it to say, most vegan restaurants are not gluten and soy free which therefore removed a big chunk of restaurants from my list.

Honestly, there are no complaints coming from me because I love to cook and it has been fun to make food to-go for my day long outings.  But today I did not pack a lunch and decided to go to one of my FAVORITE vegan friendly restaurants.  Nothing could have prepared me for the devastation I experienced.

Instead of ordering my usual, I decided on something that I never had before.  I placed my order and enjoyed conversation with my closest friend while waiting.  The food came and I could not wait to dig in.  It was about 2pm and all I had was some fruit for breakfast.  I took my first bite, which was mostly bread, but the sauce tasted unusually meaty.  My friend then took a bite and literally spit the food out into a napkin proclaiming there was meat in the dish.  Oh no!

The waitress came and assured us that the dish was vegetarian and that there was no meat.  I then asked that she taste the food.  She refused to taste it but again assured us that it was vegetarian and departed to get the order slip.  While she was away we inspected the dish and sure enough there were beef pieces all throughout.  SOOOOOOO DISGUSTING!

She immediately came back (I guess after speaking with the chef) and began to apologize.  I burst into tears…  I ate meat and it was permeating in my mouth and down my throat.  I hadn’t eaten beef for over 15 years.  My stomach was turning and feeling gross.  How could this have happened?  She showed me the ticket and she did indeed place the order for the vegetarian dish.  It was the cooks error for preparing the meat version.  I could care less whose error it was because they could not undo what was already done.

While I would hate to scratch off one of my favorite restaurants from my list, I know for sure that I will not be going back anytime soon.  Does this happen often?  Has it happened to you?  What, if any, is the solution?

In light of this tragedy, I thought that I would find vegan recipes for some common restaurant meals.  You see, when you cook at home you can control what goes in your food.  So here are some common restaurant meals for the vegan kitchen:

Thai: Vegetarian Pad Thai from Real Thai Recipes or Veggie Num Num.  Omit the egg for vegan version.

Indian: Mushroom Tikka Masala on Rasa Malaysia and samosas from Weird Combinations.

Mexican: Tacos from Cooking Quinoa and enchiladas from The Vegan Mouse and Brooklyn Eats.

Chinese: Orange broccoli and bok choy from Eating Appalachia and vegan fried rice from Leng Bites and Vegan Yum Yum .

Japanese: Vegan sushi from Sweet Potato Soul and nasu dengaku from No Recipes

American: Vegan Burger from Vegans Are Awesome, Can You Stay for Dinner?, and The Tolerant Vegan.

Italian: Pizza from Maple and Spice and pasta from Healthy Happy Life, Hobby and More, and Vegan Culinary Crusade.

Ethiopian: Injera from Yum Universe and gomen from Multiculturiosity.

I know that I missed a few cuisines but I think we have enough to eat-in for a week.

After doing this post, I feel a whole lot better and I also found some new vegan blogs that I have added to my feed.  I know that mistakes happen but unfortunately this is one that I can clearly avoid by not eating at restaurants that serve meat which is not something that I want to resort to.  Any suggestions out there?

Also, what is your favorite take-out or eat-in food?

We may not be chefs but our food is from our hearts --→ ♥
Becoming a healthy vegan was is still a challenge.
We hope the vegan recipes and info here helps you along your way.
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