Vegan Reuben Collard Wrap

Vegan Reuben Collard Wrap Sandwich Recipe

I have been on a collard wrap thing the past few weeks and have been experimenting with different fillings.  The next one on my list was a taco wrap but something drew me into making this vegan reuben wrap.  Maybe it was the fact that I had just made a huge batch of smoked bean and buckwheat strips (aka vegan “bacon”).  Whatever you want to call these smokey goodies, the vegan reuben wrap was created and tasted awesome.

If you are looking for a bread free alternative for lunch, look no further.  Collard wraps are the way to go.  Not only are they a low carb alternative to tortillas, bread, etc, collard greens are ultra nutritious.  They provide loads of anti-oxidants in the form of nutrients including vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and manganese.  They also contain phyto-nutrients that boost the antioxidant power.  Collard greens are also a good plant source of calcium.

Now to the wrap!

Vegan Reuben Collard Wrap

collard leaves
smoked bean and buckwheat strips
shredded cabbage, kimchi, or sauerkraut
Russian dressing
onion, sliced thin

First remove the stems from the collards and assemble your wrap as you would a burrito or spring roll. There is a good tutorial at Choosing Raw.

I like to wrap mine in some parchment paper for on the go or just to keep it in tact while I gobble it down!

What is your favorite filling in a collard wrap?

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  • Richgail @AstigVegan 8 years ago

    Ooo I gotta try this. I remember your tip on using collard greens for raw vegan tacos was a hit. I’m sure this one will be just as delicious.

    • Cheyenne 8 years ago

      :) It was quite tasty and of course the health benefits of collards is off the charts!

  • Richgail @AstigVegan 8 years ago

    Hi! I voted for you for the “One Lovely Blog” Award :) Cheers.

    • Cheyenne 8 years ago

      Awww! That is so sweet! Thank you!

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