Simple Green Juice

I call this juice simple green because it has only two ingredients, kale and apple.  Ok, technically three because a little water is added as well.  Once I said the words “simple green” I immediately went back to the days when we started using Simple Green cleaning products.  Back when green, non-toxic cleaners were not mainstream. Well just the other day I heard that Simple Green may not be that simple or green.

Actually Women’s Voices for the Earth (gotta love that name) did testing on several products including Sunshine Makers’ Simple Green and posted the results in their Dirty Secrets report.  Unfortunately, Simple Green which has been marketed as a non-toxic and environmentally safe product was found to have chemicals that cause cancer, pregnancy complications, neurodevelopment problems, and allergies.  Ok, this totally shocked me because Simple Green was the product of choice when I was cleaning and preparing my sister’s home for two of her home births!

What does this have to do with juice.  Nothing at all.  But I do assure you that this green juice is simple, green, chemical free (as long as you use organic products and clean water), and is good for the environment and your body.

The picture above is what was remaining after I gulped down about 2 cups.  The recipe below made about 3 cups juice of course depending on the amount of water used.

Simple Green Juice

2 apples
several dino kale leaves (about 3 cups loosely packed)

Blend with some water and strain through a nut milk back or paint strainer bag.  Add ice and enjoy.

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  • 7 years ago

    I never had dino kale leaves! Are they same as Tuscan kale leaves? I kind of like the name, “Dino”! I absolutely love green juices…especially with apples to provide a bit of sweetener! Do you use green or red apples more? I look forward to reading more of your awesome posts. x

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