Privacy Policy

On this site, assume you have no privacy. You post, you don’t post, whatever; the site uses cookies (like everywhere else on the internet) and they do a bunch of stuff I can’t explain in detail. I do know cookies collect information, store information, use information and can help keep you secure. You log into your bank online, well that takes cookies. you check your email, that takes cookies, view your facebook page, again cookies. Want to get that special coupon from your favorite retailer, well, it likely will take cookies to do so.

As far as your email goes, the site uses that to verify who you are, I hate spam and I am sure you do to. And most of the spam filters and applications on sites like this one, use some sort of email filter to keep the bad people from adding all type of weird and creepy links in the comments. Anything else sent via- email, you can opt-out of or opt-in to. So verifying email is in place to protect both you and me. I mean you wouldn’t want someone on here impersonating you claiming to absolutely hate vegetables and that, “if it ain’t with a steak it can’t be ate”, when the real you is a veggie eating machine who routinely picks fights in the meat department at the local grocery store, would you?

Other than that it would be silly to think that if you post something on the internet, the WORLD WIDE WEB, that it’s private. It’s called the world wide web for a reason, mainly because basically the world has access to it. So, in general if you don’t want anyone to find out something, do not post it online. And especially do not post it here. I like to stay drama-free.