Vegan Nori Roll

Inspiration and Vegan Nori Wraps

Cooking is meditative for me.  A time to reflect.While prepping my sushi rolls I felt so inspired.  First because the inspiration for the rolls came from my post earlier last week.  It is so awesome how seeing something can inspire you to make your own masterpiece.  It is wonderful being creative like that.

So while creating my masterpiece, my vegan nori wraps, I thought about the workings of inspiration.  How someone, something, can ignite something in you that moves you to action or can altar the way you think.  Then I started thinking about what inspires me.  Of course, good food inspires me to cook good food :).  But another thing that inspires me is the success and advancement of others.

For instance, I was in the gym recently and a young woman was doing pull ups.  I so want to be able to pull up my own body weight and found myself in awe at how graceful and easy she made it look.  I was moved and for the subsequent weeks have increased the weights that I am lifting and pushing through to the next level despite the challenge.  I am driven by others success because it is proof to me that I can reach my goals.

As much as I enjoy being inspired by others, I also want to be an inspiration to others.  Hence Spring Vegan and many other things that I do.  If a picture that I post or a recipe that I share ignites something in a reader then my goal is accomplished.  I want to leave someone’s life better than when I came.  Share tools, ideas, motivation, to help them achieve the success they are looking for.

And after all of this wonderful thought, the sushi was done!  Bon appetit!

So what inspires you?

Vegan Nori Wraps

1 sheet nori
Sunflower sprouts
Alfalfa and broccoli sprouts
Carrot, julienned
spring salad mix

Spicy Special Sauce:
Cashew butter
Lemon juice

Mix some cashew butter, lemon juice, ketchup and cayenne in a bowl and adjust ingredients to taste.

Lay out your nori sheet on a bamboo sushi mat rough side up.  The key with nori/sushi wraps is to ensure that the ingredients are even all of the way through.

On the edge closest to you start layering the sunflower sprouts and cilantro with some of the leaves slightly hanging over the edges.

Add your alfalfa or broccoli sprouts and your spicy special sauce.

Finally add the avocado, carrots, and spring salad mix.

With your bamboo mat, roll and tuck the nori away from you until fully rolled.

Let sit for a minute seam side down before cutting.

We may not be chefs but our food is from our hearts --→ ♥
Becoming a healthy vegan was is still a challenge.
We hope the vegan recipes and info here helps you along your way.
Looking for more? Go to the Spring Vegan Recipes Section.


  • 7 years ago

    Sunflower sprouts? I’m starting to like your unique ingredients. And cashew butter? Do you make your own? That looks like a fantastic vegan nori wraps! x

  • Karina 7 years ago

    Raw cashew butter or roasted? thanku

  • Natalie Tamara 7 years ago

    These look delicious, a great take on sushi rolls.

    I always feel inspired after visiting somewhere new or getting right out into the countryside :)

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