Happy Spring 2012!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year.  Spring Vegan celebrates a year of life on the web and we have yet another spring to discover some awesome, renewing, transforming and tasty spring vegan recipes. A lot has happened in a year with my food consumption.  More of my dollars are being spent with my local farmer, at the farmer’s markets, and in the produce section of my grocery stores.  The end goal/result is adding massive amounts of fruits and vegetables to my diet while minimizing processed foods.

DIY is the name of the game this year as well. Most packaged foods contain loads of ingredients that I would prefer to avoid; therefore, why not make my own? Of course it is always easier to open a jar, box, or can, but at what price?  I have made some Worcestershire sauce, kim chi, almond milk, bread, tortillas and have a lot more on my “make it myself” list.

Oh, and gluten is gone! Yes, such a hard decision that took almost a year to finalize and it is finally a reality. I just actually found some faro in my cabinet that I had to toss. As I continue to learn my body and learn about nutrition, it seems that transitioning away from certain foods is inevitable. But I am also transitioning to some foods as well.  Snipping one thing out, adding another in makes it a healthy balance and I am truly enjoying the journey.

Now let me not forget foraging.  I really hope to get out there this year and take advantage of California’s “wild” edibles such as ramps, miner’s lettuce, wild onion, and spruce buds.  For me, foraging is taking seasonal eating to the next level and spices things up in the kitchen providing new ingredients to work with.  This was a goal last spring which never materialized, therefore I really want to make it happen this year.

Now that we have that down, lets get to cooking!

Since its early spring you may see some comforting/hearty spring vegan recipes as we make it through the rest of the cold days. But of course, as we celebrate the transition of the year for this 2012 spring, there will be awesome cleansing, revitalizing, and oh so tasty spring recipes to get you ready for summer. I have so many awesome recipes that I can’t wait to share!

From my kitchen to yours, I wish you an awesome and impactful spring. It is my hope that the food you eat provides optimal nutrients maintaining balance and/or generating any health transformation you are seeking.

See you in the kitchen.


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