Happy Crackers: My New Roots Gluten Free Crackers

I fell in love with Crunchmaster’s Sea Salt Multi-Grain Gluten Free Crackers.  I chose the sea salt flavor because the ingredient list was nice and simple.  Now that I am being careful with my sodium intake, I found the Crunchmaster 7 Ancient Grains Hint of Sea Salt Crackers which have 45mg less sodium per serving.  But I was not fully satisfied.

Even though there is a reduction in sodium in the 7 Ancient Grains it was not enough of a reduction.  Also, for the cost, it was inevitable that I would start making my own crackers.  I tried a few recipes and none came out quite how I wanted them to.

Then I found Sarah Britton’s Happy Cracker recipe on her blog, My New Roots.  They look a lot like the Crunchmaster crackers.  Actually they look even better!  Though I have not tried them, I decided to share with you all and will let you know once my kitchen is graced with Sarah’s lovely gluten free crackers recipe (I have to get some parchment paper first).

I like how she named these Happy Crackers because they are made with whole foods.  The health benefits of eating whole foods is limitless.  Whole foods provide our bodies with the nutrients and fiber needed to keep our bodies healthy and disease free.  Eating a whole food diet helps reduce allergies and illnesses.  Take a look at her post and recipe and tell me what you think.

What are your favorite gluten free crackers?

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