Summer Vegetables on the Horizon at the Farmers’ Markets

I went to the farmers’ market this weekend and saw the first local summer squash.  Cherries, nectarines, and peaches have also popped up at the market as well.

Yes, we are about to transition to summer and as much as I love spring vegetables, my heart has an affinity for summer squash, watermelon, and purple hull peas, and green tomatoes.  Since I do not eat seedless watermelons I actually have to wait for the summer to get a seeded watermelon.

It is quite hilarious when I am in the produce section asking for seeded fruit and the produce workers are looking at me like I am crazy.  Actually, all that I have spoken to agree that seeded fruit are superior in flavor and understand the health benefits of the seeds.  It is just that the masses find seeds to be a nuisance; therefore, there is a market for seeded fruits.

But now that summer is approaching, I am excited that I will get to fully enjoy my seeded fruit.  My love for both green tomatoes and summer squash come from childhood memories.  Both cooked southern style by my family with much love!

I will come back to the present and enjoy the spring produce available to me now!  The organic cherries were awesome and I have been getting my fill on sugar snap peas this spring.  If you have not been to a farmers’ market recently, I recommend you go out to support your local farmers and get some awesome produce for your spring recipes.

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