Goodies for the Spring Vegan Kitchen

Today was filled with so many goodies I have to share them all.  First off, I went to the library and looked up “vegan” in the Oxford English dictionary.  After reading I could not help but to think about how others view veganism as restrictive.  Well, after I get done with telling you about the […]

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Daiya Pepper Jack Cheese

I Got Pepper Jack Daiya Cheese

PepperJack Daiya!  The long awaited Daiya Pepper Jack flavored cheese is here. For all of you new and aspiring vegans, Daiya is the one year old vegan cheese company that has rocked the vegan cheese world!  Daiya cheese is the iPhone of cheese and I practically can’t live without it.  The original Daiya flavors, mozzarella […]

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Follow Your Heart Soy Free Vegenaise

Spring’s Gift Soy-Free Vegenaise

This is why you have to love spring. With spring comes rainbows and with rainbows, pots of gold.  And my rainbow brought me a pot of milky, creamy white gold.  To my surprise I opened up my Vegetarian Times and there was an ad from Follow Your Heart introducing their new (drum roll…) Soy Free […]

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Welcome to Spring Vegan!

Welcome to Spring Vegan!  For me, being vegan is about being conscious of my health, my environment and of course my food. Spring Vegan is a place to share my personal recipes (and ones that I have come across and absolutely love) and ideas about veganism in the springtime. Additionally, I hope to be able […]

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