Summer Vegetables on the Horizon at the Farmers’ Markets

I went to the farmers’ market this weekend and saw the first local summer squash.  Cherries, nectarines, and peaches have also popped up at the market as well.

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Happy Crackers: My New Roots Gluten Free Crackers

I fell in love with Crunchmaster’s Sea Salt Multi-Grain Gluten Free Crackers.  I chose the sea salt flavor because the ingredient list was nice and simple.  Now that I am being careful with my sodium intake, I found the Crunchmaster 7 Ancient Grains Hint of Sea Salt Crackers which have 45mg less sodium per serving.  […]

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Spring Cleansing

Spring is an awesome time to cleanse.  Actually it is the most important time to cleanse the body.  Spring correlates to the Wood element which governs the liver and gallbladder (both are important in filtering the blood); therefore these organs should be the focus of a spring detox. What’s so phenomenal is that Mother Nature […]

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Vegan Take-Out Recipes

I have been a vegan for over two years now and it has been a wonderful journey.  As I mentioned previously, even within the past year my diet has changed dramatically.  I used to have a long list of vegan/vegan friendly restaurants in my car but with my recent diet changes the list has dwindled […]

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Happy Spring 2012!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year.  Spring Vegan celebrates a year of life on the web and we have yet another spring to discover some awesome, renewing, transforming and tasty spring vegan recipes. A lot has happened in a year with my food consumption.  More of my dollars are being spent with my […]

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