The Quintessential Recipes for Vibrant Health

I found this book at the Half Price Book store some years ago. The artwork for some particular reason called to me. Attractive, yet somewhat amateurish in contrast to other publications, the lotus flower on the cover suggested to that there was powerful and life giving information inside and despite clearly not having the backing […]

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The Food Club Simply Raw Copenhagen

The Food Club

I was perusing the web and saw these awesome raw sushi rolls on The Food Club.  They are from the restaurant, Simple Raw, in Copenhagen.  Isn’t it awesome that I can find awesome food thousands of miles away from me in a matter of minutes? 

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Spring Vegan 2013

Welcome Spring

I went into “town” the other day and saw these trees full of spring bloom.  I had to get out of my car and take a few pics and the funny thing is that I was not the only one! It is spring again!

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Spring Vegan Closing 2012

Goodbye Spring 2012, Hello Summer 2012!

Things are moving along very fast in 2012, spring has ended and summer is here.  Can you believe it!?!  I hope that you enjoyed your spring as I did.  Did you get in loads of fresh fruits and vegetables?  Lots of detoxing foods?  Are you ready for the heat of summer and the cooling hydrating […]

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Spring Vegan Seasonal Eating

It is my goal that through Spring Vegan I can share insight with you on how to prepare your spring produce.  Whether you have a CSA or shop at your local farmers markets, you can come here to find inspiration and recipes to support your seasonal eating.

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